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Zoran Čekerevac

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MEST Journal

Thematic areas

Management in economics
Management in industry
Management in crisis situations
Management in transport
Technologies and quality tools in management
Marketing management of research
Application of IT in management
Management in ecology
Business management in agribusiness
Legal aspects of management


Higher education system
Educational research
Education technology
Education management
Educational leadership
Education for business
Distance learning
Lifelong learning

Society & science
Energy and use of energy
Environmental science
Physical sciences
Politics and society
Political science
Political theories
Public management
Public administration
Scientific explorations

Information & industrial technologies
Information technology
Computers and new technologies
Application of IT in management
Application of IT in higher education
Cloud computing
Data protection
New services
Information security
information system security
Business information system
Innovation and technology
Industrial research
Technology forecasting
Instrumentation and analytical techniques
Specials of direct relevance to industrial entrepreneurs
Debates on key industrial issues
All facets of industrial development

These are basic, but not exclusive themed areas.

For MEST it is acceptable to publish extended versions of the best papers from scientific conferences held recently.

The papers will be published in accordance with the proposals of reviewers and the opinion of the Editorial Board.

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MESTE NGO and MEST Journal support teamwork and encourage international scientific cooperation.

That is why we are especially willing to publish works of groups of authors from two or more different countries.

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