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Dr. Zoran Čekerevac

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Foreword by editor - Journal overview

MEST Journal is an official international academic journal, of the non-profit organization MESTE, published online as well as print (subscription), which publishes scientific and professional research articles and reviews in English language.

The focal point of the journal is at international level, with the view on matters from a global perspective, but, also, some papers concerning some local specific events could be published. The science and technological advancement and its socio-political impact that happens all over the world can find place in the MEST Journal.

of the journal is to help scientists and professionals to exchange experiences, and to present their achievments to the world for the general progress of the society.

of the journal is to be, together with other MESTE journals, among the most cited journals in the world thanking to our work and to the quality of the papers that we will publish on the benefit of all our readers.

MEST Journal welcomes high quality, original research articles and reviews from scientists and professionals, professors and PhD students in the areas cowered by its thematics. Papers will be peer reviewed and published online and in print. For details, please, see the Instructions for authors.

MEST Journal publishes interdisciplinary articles from the areas of: management, education, science & society, and technologies, as it is shown bellow, in Thematic areas, but these are not exclusive themed areas.

To be quoted you have to publish!

MESTE NGO and MEST Journal support teamwork and encourage international scientific cooperation.

That is why we are especially willing to publish works of groups of authors from two or more different countries.

Thematic areas

  • Management in economics
  • Management in industry
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Management in crisis situations
  • Management in transport
  • Technologies and quality tools in management
  • Marketing management of research
  • Application of IT in management
  • Management in ecology
  • Business management in agribusiness
  • Legal aspects of management
  • Taxation

  • Education
  • Higher education system
  • Educational research
  • Education technology
  • Education management
  • Educational leadership
  • Education for business
  • Distance learning
  • Life long learning

  • Society & Science
  • Politics and society
  • Political science
  • Political theories
  • Economics
  • Public management
  • Public administration
  • Physical sciences
  • Environmental science
  • Energy and use of energy
  • Scientific explorations

  • Information and industrial technologies
  • Information technology
  • Computers and new technologies
  • Application of IT in management
  • Application of IT in higher education
  • Cloud computing
  • Data protection
  • New services
  • Information security
  • Information system security
  • Business information system
  • Inovation and technology
  • Industrial research
  • Technology forecasting
  • Instrumentation and analytical techniques
  • Specials of direct relevance to industrial enterpreneurs
  • Debates on key industrial issues
  • All facets of industrial development

  • (These are basic, but not exclusive themed areas.)

    For MEST Journal journal it is acceptable to publish extended versions of the best papers from scientific conferences held recently.

    The papers will be published in accordance with the proposals of reviewers and the opinion of the Editorial Board.

    MEST Journal will be published twice a year, but draft versions of accepted articles will be on reader's disposal as "Read preview" as soon as they will be accepted for publishing.

    To help readers in citing our articles, MEST Journal gives "ready to copy" references on several systems: APA (Sixth Edition), Chicago (Fifteenth Edition), GOST (Name Sort, 2003), Harvard (Anglia, 2008), ISO 690 (Numerical Reference, 1987).

    I wish you further success in your future endeavors and invite you to publish your works, because, if you wish to be famous and quoted, people first have to hear for you. We will help you!

    Zoran Čekerevac